Pool Heating in Perth: How Heat Pumps Work and What Benefits They Offer

Remember how you and your kids wished the summer would never end, and how you could stay in the water all day until it got cold later in the afternoon? Leading pool shops in Perth, like PoolShop WA, can’t extend the sunny days of summer, but they can make the water warm enough for the swimming to continue even after the sun has set. How? It’s all thanks to the efficient heat pumps they supply. Poolinfo.com explains how heat pumps hold the key to extended water fun without springing a leak in your bank account.

A heat pump is the easiest and most practical method of raising the temperature of your swimming pool, not just in spring and autumn, but throughout the year as well. A heat pump runs on electricity and transfers heat from the ambient air temperature, so you needn’t fret about spending on excessive electricity or gas every time you want to heat your pool.

Pool Pumps in Perth: The Technology Behind a Sparkling Clean Pool

It is but natural for any recreational swimming venue to have pool equipment in Perth that ensures clean and contaminant-free water. In fact, a critical part of any pool’s filtering system is the pool pump, without which the water would cloudy up in a matter of days. Dale Devries describes in his informative eHow.com article the process by which pool pumps maintain clear and sparkling water that you can safely swim in.

How Pool Supplies in Perth Help Maintain the Visual Impact of a Pool

As architectural elements, plants are pretty much exterior design mainstays in many homes. Foliage of the right height, thickness, and arrangement ensures privacy and offers protection from the glare of the sun.
Whether your home has a decidedly contemporary look or a rustic design, the right plants can create a natural fence, a backdrop for your garden, and a complementary canvas around your pool. You can use ornamental grasses, flowery or fruit-bearing shrubberies, or even trees. You can mix and match plant sizes and colours to create a lively, eye-catching outdoor scene in your backyard.

Perth Pool Equipment for Cleaning: The Age of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Once a province of standard leaf skimmers and manual labour, pool cleaning is now largely carried out by smart gadgets. Decades of research and development in robotics gave birth to pool cleaners that cover every nook and cranny in pools of any size or shape. In fact, such robotic pool cleaners are capable of scaling the walls, up to the waterline.

The concept of automatic pool cleaning dates back to the 1960s in the U.S. Andrew Pansini of Greenbrae, California is credited with inventing the first patented automatic pool cleaner. His invention dislodged dirt and grime, leaving them in the water for the pool pump and filters to remove.

Pool Cleaners in Perth: Which Type Is Right for Your Swimming Pool?

Light chores like using a hand skimmer to gather leaves, twigs, and other debris from the pool water can be done by kids. Meanwhile, the more complex tasks can be done by adults, like sealing cracks between tiles and bricks using a caulk gun and handling chemicals. If they work together, families can keep pool water thoroughly clean for several hours of swim time.

The use of efficient pool cleaners in Perth is required for a thoroughly clean pool with a minimum of fuss. The tricky part is to figure out which among these pieces of equipment is suitable for the job since each family has a different type of pool.