How to Make Pool Filtration Systems Last Longer

Your pool’s filtration system is the reason why you don’t have to drain your pool and extensively vacuum it. That alone is good enough reason to keep your filtration system running at peak efficiency for as long as possible. Luckily, maintaining your filtration system is not as difficult as it sounds. That in mind, here are some steps to extend the lifespan of your filtration system:

Empty It Out

Your skimmer baskets are a hotspot for debris like leaves, twigs, and clumps of hair; so clean them out once a week when pool usage is frequent. Afterward, turn off your pool pump and empty the hair and lint pot. Doing both these steps ensures that the pump doesn’t overwork itself trying keep water flowing at a steady pace.

Give the Pump a Break

Your pumps are designed to run continuously, but you don’t need to keep it running all the time. Running the pump eight to ten hours a day is enough to keep the balance of your pool’s chemical composition and to filter any debris.

Replace the Filters

Long story short, your filters should be replaced every four to six months. How you clean your filters is a different story depending on the type of filter your pool uses. Consult your manual, or ask help from a professional pool service.


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