Different Types of Pool Pumps

Pool pumps fill a critical role in maintaining the cleanliness of a pool, keeping water from stagnating and driving it through other cleaning equipment, such as filters and chlorination units. This prevents algae from growing and discolouring the pool, and kills disease-causing bacteria that could seriously compromise swimmers’ health.

While the job of a pool pump is relatively clear-cut, the same cannot be said of the job of choosing a pool pump among first-time buyers. If the choice of pool pumps has you confused, here’s a quick overview of their most important feature: speed.

Single-speed Pumps

Single-speed pumps run at a fixed speed of 3,450 revolutions per minute (RPM). Their simplicity makes them the most affordable option, but they lack the versatility of…

Two-speed Pumps

Two-speed pumps can also run at the standard 3,450 RPM speed that their single-speed cousins run on, but also have another setting that allows them to run at half that speed, or 1,725 RPM. This second speed is typically used during filtration, when higher speeds are unnecessary. This helps pool owners to save on operating costs, but not to the same degree as…

Variable-speed Pumps

The speed setting on variable-speed pumps can be freely adjusted. This ability allows pool owners to set the speed to just what is absolutely necessary for the job. This makes variable-speed pumps the most economical pump to use in the long run, but also means that they require the largest initial investment.


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