On Choosing the Best Pool Heater

Installing a pool is a significant investment, so you naturally want to get the most use out of it. During Perth’s colder winter days, however, a dip in the pool can be more freezing than relaxing. Worry not, though: thanks to pool heating systems, you can enjoy a comfortable swim regardless of the season.

To get the best heater, be sure to keep these buying tips in mind:

Different Heat Sources

Different systems have varying ways of heating the water—some use an electric pump, while others use natural gas, or maybe even solar power. The one you choose should fit your home’s location and the area’s climate. For example, if you have a lot of trees in your area, a solar heater may be unable to collect sufficient energy from the sun.

Energy Efficiency

Keeping the water warm—even in the smallest pool—requires a lot of energy. Hence, be sure to buy the most energy efficient heating system available. Energy efficiency is often expressed as a percentage, and the higher it is, the more efficient the heater.

Pool Size

Don’t forget about the pool’s size, either. Get a heater that’s too small for your pool and the water won’t get sufficiently warm; get one that’s too big and you’ll consume more power than you actually need. Generally speaking though, the larger a pool’s surface area, the higher the heating capacity required.


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