Your Swimming Pool Equipment Fundamentals

To keep your swimming pool in tiptop shape, you’re going to need different kinds of supplies and equipment. Here are some things you should know about essential pool supplies required in maintaining a fully functional and efficient swimming pool:

Pool pumps

Pool pumps are the heart of the pool sanitation system as these motors push and pull water in and out of the drains and the filters. These are vital components to make sure that debris and other items that may potentially clog or dirty the pool are removed, guaranteeing cleaner, clearer water in the swimming pool.

Pool filters

Pool filters sift through the debris from the pool pumps and accumulate residue like leaves, twigs, and insects over time, keeping them out of the swimming pool. To clean them, ask your pool technician to backwash the filter so dirty water flows out into the sewer, or to replace it with a new one.

Pool covers

Pool covers significantly reduce heating costs, trapping the heat into the water surface and circulating it around the pool water so you can still swim later in fall or in early spring. It also lowers evaporation rate, and lets you save on chemicals that can be lost when water vaporises into the air.


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