A Practical Guide in Buying Pool Covers

Pool covers may not be on top of your list of needed pool accessories, but they can actually greatly contribute to the maintenance and safety of your pool. There are various types of pool covers to choose from, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that would meet your budget and specifications. Consider the many benefits you can get from a pool cover, as listed below.

Easier maintenance

A solid pool cover will shield your pool from debris and algae, and thus reduce the need for filtering. Typically made of durable vinyl, solid pool covers effectively block wind-blown dirt, debris, leaves, and trash. It also prevents the formation of algae, which requires sunlight to proliferate. Leaf nets can also be used as a cheaper alternative, but these cannot keep out smaller particles that can go through the meshwork.


Enhance your pool’s security with safety covers. Make sure to find products that can support the typical weight and size of pets, children, or even adults who can accidentally fall into the pool. While Perth legislation requires barriers around pools, you can never too careful especially when children or persons with disabilities are around.

Savings on heating

Solar pool covers can naturally heat the pool during daytime and preserve the heat at night, thus generating savings on heating costs. Additionally, solar pool covers can slow down water evaporation, reducing the need to pump more water.


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