Considerations When Buying a Pool Cover

Having a pool is a great addition to your home. Not only does it provide you with a means to stay fit, it can also increase your home’s value—and it’s a major draw if you’re entertaining guests.

When cyclone season arrives, though, you probably won’t be taking a dip in your beloved pool. This means for the next few months, it’s going to be covered up so debris and rain water won’t ruin it.

How does one choose the best pool cover, though? If you’re in the market for this pool accessory, here are two considerations you should keep in mind:


There’s no two ways about it: a pool cover is a necessary expense. Fortunately, retailers carry a wide variety of products across different price ranges, from expensive but convenient automatic covers to cheaper but manual tarp ones. As such, look at your needs carefully and see which option best suits your budget.



Debris isn’t the only thing you’ll want to keep out of your pool during the off season—you want to keep your kids and pets out of the water, too. When looking at pool covers, be sure to check for strength. That is, the product should be able to bear the weight of kids and animals if in case they walk over the surface, instead of letting them fall into the pool.


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