Run the Pump and Other Perth Pool Equipment to Prevent Algae Build-up

“Pool pumps are designed to maintain the circulation of water in the pool. Swimming pools are constructed with a skimmer box connected to large tubes that convey water into a filtering system. A motor-run impeller drives water from the skimmer box into the filter and returns filtered water back into the pool. In order to sanitise the pool water a chemical feeder or salt water chlorinator can be installed to automatically chlorinate the water. As a result of this circulation process, the water in your swimming pool stays fresh and clean all day long.

Running the pump at least 8-10 hours a day in summer can prevent the proliferation of algae. To find reliable Perth pool pumps that are right for your swimming pool, contact established suppliers like POOLSHOPWA. They provide high-performance pool equipment that are essential to keeping your pool clean, contaminant-free, and safe to enjoy anytime you and your family wish.”


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