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Perth Pool Shops Can Help You with Your Pool Cleaning Woes.

Pool shops in Perth like POOLSHOPWA offer a wide range of equipment and material that can help with cleaning your swimming pool. To be methodical enough to do the job you have to know exactly what you need to buy.

Nets are basic tools, and that’s where you begin. You will need brushes to remove algae that form on the walls. Algae brushes can also help remove the other film and dirt that sticks to the pool walls, and weekly brushing will at least ensure sticky algae deposits do not accumulate. Depending on your pool type, you’ll either want stainless steel brushes for concrete pools, and gentler plastic brushes for vinyl or tiles.


Buy the Right Pool Equipment in Perth to Maintain Your Pool Properly

Regular pool maintenance is important if you want to enjoy your pool anytime you feel like it. However, to maintain your pool properly, you need the right tools. Buying pool equipment in Perth from reliable suppliers like POOLSHOPWA ensures that you can do the job to keep your pool healthy and sparkling clean.

Maintaining Perth Pool Filters: Replacing Sand in a Filter System

Being one of the most liveable cities in Australia with plenty of sunshine, Perth’s residents find ways to relax and enjoy their own homes by installing every size or shape of swimming pool in their very own yard. If you’ve installed your own backyard pool, you should know how important regular maintenance is to keep it healthy. Perth pool filters for one should be regularly checked and cleaned/backwashed or replaced should the need arise.

Caring for Swimming Pool Equipment in Perth: How to Maintain your Pool

Your swimming pool pump is a very important part of the filtration system of your swimming pool. It turns the water over a number of times during the filtration cycle. Ensure you keep the motor clean and empty the pump basket regularly. Using a quality lubricant around the Pump Basket ‘O’ ring will also help keep the lid from being bound up and too tight to remove easily. Never over tighten the pump lid, it should be tightened hand tight only and not forced. This will help ensure optimum performance and ease of service.

Of course, any trusted pool shop in Perth like POOLSHOPWA will have just about every piece of pool equipment you’ll need in case you need a replacement. Always remember to keep your pool in excellent condition and adaptive to any changes in season.