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Fire Up your Perth Pool Pumps and Prepare for a Summer Pool Party!

Summer has officially begun, and boy, is it about to get busy. If you’re one of those people who has their own pool at home, your place is definitely one of the places-to-be in terms of whittling away the summer heat—with pool parties, nonetheless. However, is your pool ready in the first place? As an article on, a popular online home improvement resource, notes:


Get your Smart Chlorinator Now at the Complete Pool Shop in Perth

The future of pool chlorinators is now available at the only complete pool shop in Perth. The Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator from AstralPool is a breakthrough in intelligent pool maintenance. This clever device will ensure the sanitisation of your swimming pool at all times to ensure you get the most out of your precious investment.

Pool Shops in Perth Offer Automatic Pool Cleaners for Convenience

Removing floating leaves and other debris from swimming pools may be done by scooping these up with the use of a net or similar tools. While this works, manual cleaning can be too taxing in the long run, especially if you have more pressing matters to attend to. A better option would be to get an automatic pool cleaner from reputable pool shops in Perth like POOLSHOPWA.

Automatic pool cleaners are highly effective in getting rid of dirt and debris on pool floors and walls. Some can even skim the surface to remove floating objects. An article in How-to Australia lists four kinds of automatic pool cleaners: suction and sweepers, pressure cleaners, self-propelled or robotic cleaners, and in-floor cleaners.

Perth Pool Equipment: What You Need to Keep Pools Clean and Sanitized

Just because the water is clear doesn’t mean that it is clean. According to, swimming pool water needs to be checked at least twice or thrice a week to make sure there is no harmful chemical build-up. In fact, swimming pool water should have pH levels that are close to neutral, allowing only for a slight imbalance due to the presence of chlorine, which makes the water a little acidic.

Speaking of chemicals, you should also be wary about how much cleaning agent you add to the pool. Chlorine levels should not exceed 3 ppm. Adding enough cleaning agent to the pool, however, is also necessary, especially after putting on a fresh supply of water topping up the pool after evaporation.

Perth Pool Filters Work with Cleaning Agents in Keeping Pools Safe

For a pool owner, a healthy pool is a tall order. Filters and cleaners must work round-the-clock to get rid of contaminants from the environment, as well as those that swimmers may leave behind. This is one reason why swimmers are required to shower before going into a public pool. It lessens the burden on Perth pool filters and cleaning agents.

Even in your own backyard pool, a quick shower before swimming is a good idea. Studies show that the average swimmer carries 0.14 grams of faecal matter that can get into the water if the person does not shower first. If this is not alarming enough, the same studies also found that the human skin holds more contaminants that are just waiting to be washed away.