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The Need for Pool Heaters in Perth

Perth, West Australia is fortunate to get hot, sunny days for much of the year. However, this doesn’t mean that swimming pool heaters are redundant in this part of the country. In autumn, or from March to May, temperatures can drop to as low as 21 °C, below a swimming pool’s comfort levels of 24 to 28°C; and in winter, temperatures fall to an average of 17 to 18 degrees Celsius.

With these in mind, people who wish to extend their “swimming season” need only to install heaters in their pools and spas. At present, they can choose between two types of heaters: solar and gas. Gas-fired heaters work faster, but they’re costlier to operate. Solar heaters, on the other hand, are more cost-effective, but they require a more powerful pool pump to work properly. In addition, spas require more powerful heaters since their comfort levels rest somewhere between 34 to 38 °C.

Despite the availability of such options, people should be careful not to heat their pools too much, because warm bodies of water are a suitable environment for algae to thrive. Increased algae growth, in turn, leads to more frequent pool cleaning, which can get very expensive over time.


Maintenance Tips for a More Energy-efficient Pool

Do you want a more energy-efficient pool? Here are some pool maintenance tips that can also help save on electricity costs:

Invest in proper pool pumps.

As the equipment that consumes energy the most, pool pumps have to operate with high efficiency. Use pumps with adjustable speed settings or select brands that are part of the voluntary labelling program. The Energy Rating website of the Australian, State and Territory and New Zealand Governments has a listing of these compliant pool pump models. Use a timer to run the pool pump exactly as the manufacturer directs.

Switch to energy-efficient lighting.

Discard old incandescent bulbs, and replace them with more energy-efficientalternatives like fluorescent lights or LEDs. Look for products that use less wattage and last longer than previously installed lights. Consider natural lighting whenever there is plenty of sunlight or moonlight, or even solar-powered lights.

Purchase solar pool covers.

Solar pool covers or thermal pool blankets allow you to save on heating costs, which substantially contribute to your electricity bill. The air pockets or bubbles in this equipment collect the sun’s heat, which is then used to warm the water. The cover also prevents the heat from escaping at night. It also reduces the rate of evaporation, so you conserve water and minimise the consequent use of water pumps.

A Practical Guide in Buying Pool Covers

Pool covers may not be on top of your list of needed pool accessories, but they can actually greatly contribute to the maintenance and safety of your pool. There are various types of pool covers to choose from, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that would meet your budget and specifications. Consider the many benefits you can get from a pool cover, as listed below.

Easier maintenance

A solid pool cover will shield your pool from debris and algae, and thus reduce the need for filtering. Typically made of durable vinyl, solid pool covers effectively block wind-blown dirt, debris, leaves, and trash. It also prevents the formation of algae, which requires sunlight to proliferate. Leaf nets can also be used as a cheaper alternative, but these cannot keep out smaller particles that can go through the meshwork.


Enhance your pool’s security with safety covers. Make sure to find products that can support the typical weight and size of pets, children, or even adults who can accidentally fall into the pool. While Perth legislation requires barriers around pools, you can never too careful especially when children or persons with disabilities are around.

Savings on heating

Solar pool covers can naturally heat the pool during daytime and preserve the heat at night, thus generating savings on heating costs. Additionally, solar pool covers can slow down water evaporation, reducing the need to pump more water.

Your Swimming Pool Equipment Fundamentals

To keep your swimming pool in tiptop shape, you’re going to need different kinds of supplies and equipment. Here are some things you should know about essential pool supplies required in maintaining a fully functional and efficient swimming pool:

Pool pumps

Pool pumps are the heart of the pool sanitation system as these motors push and pull water in and out of the drains and the filters. These are vital components to make sure that debris and other items that may potentially clog or dirty the pool are removed, guaranteeing cleaner, clearer water in the swimming pool.

Pool filters

Pool filters sift through the debris from the pool pumps and accumulate residue like leaves, twigs, and insects over time, keeping them out of the swimming pool. To clean them, ask your pool technician to backwash the filter so dirty water flows out into the sewer, or to replace it with a new one.

Pool covers

Pool covers significantly reduce heating costs, trapping the heat into the water surface and circulating it around the pool water so you can still swim later in fall or in early spring. It also lowers evaporation rate, and lets you save on chemicals that can be lost when water vaporises into the air.

On Choosing the Best Pool Heater

Installing a pool is a significant investment, so you naturally want to get the most use out of it. During Perth’s colder winter days, however, a dip in the pool can be more freezing than relaxing. Worry not, though: thanks to pool heating systems, you can enjoy a comfortable swim regardless of the season.

To get the best heater, be sure to keep these buying tips in mind: Continue reading →