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Perth Pool Equipment for Cleaning: The Age of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Once a province of standard leaf skimmers and manual labour, pool cleaning is now largely carried out by smart gadgets. Decades of research and development in robotics gave birth to pool cleaners that cover every nook and cranny in pools of any size or shape. In fact, such robotic pool cleaners are capable of scaling the walls, up to the waterline.

The concept of automatic pool cleaning dates back to the 1960s in the U.S. Andrew Pansini of Greenbrae, California is credited with inventing the first patented automatic pool cleaner. His invention dislodged dirt and grime, leaving them in the water for the pool pump and filters to remove.


Perth Pool Filters Work with Cleaning Agents in Keeping Pools Safe

For a pool owner, a healthy pool is a tall order. Filters and cleaners must work round-the-clock to get rid of contaminants from the environment, as well as those that swimmers may leave behind. This is one reason why swimmers are required to shower before going into a public pool. It lessens the burden on Perth pool filters and cleaning agents.

Even in your own backyard pool, a quick shower before swimming is a good idea. Studies show that the average swimmer carries 0.14 grams of faecal matter that can get into the water if the person does not shower first. If this is not alarming enough, the same studies also found that the human skin holds more contaminants that are just waiting to be washed away.

Perth Pool Shops Can Help You with Your Pool Cleaning Woes.

Pool shops in Perth like POOLSHOPWA offer a wide range of equipment and material that can help with cleaning your swimming pool. To be methodical enough to do the job you have to know exactly what you need to buy.

Nets are basic tools, and that’s where you begin. You will need brushes to remove algae that form on the walls. Algae brushes can also help remove the other film and dirt that sticks to the pool walls, and weekly brushing will at least ensure sticky algae deposits do not accumulate. Depending on your pool type, you’ll either want stainless steel brushes for concrete pools, and gentler plastic brushes for vinyl or tiles.