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Perth Pool Equipment for Cleaning: The Age of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Once a province of standard leaf skimmers and manual labour, pool cleaning is now largely carried out by smart gadgets. Decades of research and development in robotics gave birth to pool cleaners that cover every nook and cranny in pools of any size or shape. In fact, such robotic pool cleaners are capable of scaling the walls, up to the waterline.

The concept of automatic pool cleaning dates back to the 1960s in the U.S. Andrew Pansini of Greenbrae, California is credited with inventing the first patented automatic pool cleaner. His invention dislodged dirt and grime, leaving them in the water for the pool pump and filters to remove.


Pool Equipment in Perth: Choosing the Ones that Ensure a Healthy Swim

What are the benefits of having a pool right at home? One, people can work out by doing laps any time they want. Two, they can use the pool area as an entertainment area when they have guests over. Three, they can spend quality time with their kids by playing pool games like “Find a coin” and Marco Polo, both of which are extremely popular in Australia.

To continue enjoying all these benefits, however, the household heads should ensure swimming pool hygiene. Kids and adults alike could easily get ill if the pool water becomes contaminated with germs. Among the conditions caused by dirty pool water are ear infections, eye infections, gastroenteritis, and diarrhoea. The little ones are especially susceptible to these sicknesses because they are the ones more likely to ingest pool water than adult swimmers.

Swimming Pool Equipment in Perth: Setting Up Underwater Lighting

If you plan to go for a regular swim at night in your private pool, the last thing you want to happen is to bump your head while gliding in the water. Installing underwater lights, therefore, is a priority for night swimmers. An article in the popular auction site eBay stresses the importance of considering certain factors in setting up lights in your pool.

Adapt to current settings

Pool experts stress the value of working with what you have. Many contemporary pools, for instance, have provisions for 12V lighting. Consult a pool technician and electrician when deciding on the lights to buy. A pool shop in Perth like PoolShop WA can assist you in choosing the right electric lights for your pool.

Pool Equipment from Perth Pool Experts Keep You Fit with Safe Water

Pump up that heart

In order to raise your heart rate and improve cardiovascular fitness, water jogging for 1- to 3-minute intervals will do the trick. Studies have shown that water joggers actually burn more calories than land joggers, sans the impact on joints and tendons, of course.

Toys for fitness

Some core and balance exercises do require the use of water playthings like water log or “noodle” and a volleyball-sized inflatable ball. These exercises strengthen your core muscles which help your body maintain balance.

Perth Pool Equipment: What You Need to Keep Pools Clean and Sanitized

Just because the water is clear doesn’t mean that it is clean. According to Buildipedia.com, swimming pool water needs to be checked at least twice or thrice a week to make sure there is no harmful chemical build-up. In fact, swimming pool water should have pH levels that are close to neutral, allowing only for a slight imbalance due to the presence of chlorine, which makes the water a little acidic.

Speaking of chemicals, you should also be wary about how much cleaning agent you add to the pool. Chlorine levels should not exceed 3 ppm. Adding enough cleaning agent to the pool, however, is also necessary, especially after putting on a fresh supply of water topping up the pool after evaporation.