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Pool Heating in Perth: How Heat Pumps Work and What Benefits They Offer

Remember how you and your kids wished the summer would never end, and how you could stay in the water all day until it got cold later in the afternoon? Leading pool shops in Perth, like PoolShop WA, can’t extend the sunny days of summer, but they can make the water warm enough for the swimming to continue even after the sun has set. How? It’s all thanks to the efficient heat pumps they supply. Poolinfo.com explains how heat pumps hold the key to extended water fun without springing a leak in your bank account.

A heat pump is the easiest and most practical method of raising the temperature of your swimming pool, not just in spring and autumn, but throughout the year as well. A heat pump runs on electricity and transfers heat from the ambient air temperature, so you needn’t fret about spending on excessive electricity or gas every time you want to heat your pool.


Pool Pumps in Perth: The Technology Behind a Sparkling Clean Pool

It is but natural for any recreational swimming venue to have pool equipment in Perth that ensures clean and contaminant-free water. In fact, a critical part of any pool’s filtering system is the pool pump, without which the water would cloudy up in a matter of days. Dale Devries describes in his informative eHow.com article the process by which pool pumps maintain clear and sparkling water that you can safely swim in.

Fire Up your Perth Pool Pumps and Prepare for a Summer Pool Party!

Summer has officially begun, and boy, is it about to get busy. If you’re one of those people who has their own pool at home, your place is definitely one of the places-to-be in terms of whittling away the summer heat—with pool parties, nonetheless. However, is your pool ready in the first place? As an article on Freshome.com, a popular online home improvement resource, notes:

Different Types of Pool Pumps

Pool pumps fill a critical role in maintaining the cleanliness of a pool, keeping water from stagnating and driving it through other cleaning equipment, such as filters and chlorination units. This prevents algae from growing and discolouring the pool, and kills disease-causing bacteria that could seriously compromise swimmers’ health. Continue reading →