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Pool Cleaners in Perth: Which Type Is Right for Your Swimming Pool?

Light chores like using a hand skimmer to gather leaves, twigs, and other debris from the pool water can be done by kids. Meanwhile, the more complex tasks can be done by adults, like sealing cracks between tiles and bricks using a caulk gun and handling chemicals. If they work together, families can keep pool water thoroughly clean for several hours of swim time.

The use of efficient pool cleaners in Perth is required for a thoroughly clean pool with a minimum of fuss. The tricky part is to figure out which among these pieces of equipment is suitable for the job since each family has a different type of pool.


Swimming Pool Equipment in Perth: Setting Up Underwater Lighting

If you plan to go for a regular swim at night in your private pool, the last thing you want to happen is to bump your head while gliding in the water. Installing underwater lights, therefore, is a priority for night swimmers. An article in the popular auction site eBay stresses the importance of considering certain factors in setting up lights in your pool.

Adapt to current settings

Pool experts stress the value of working with what you have. Many contemporary pools, for instance, have provisions for 12V lighting. Consult a pool technician and electrician when deciding on the lights to buy. A pool shop in Perth like PoolShop WA can assist you in choosing the right electric lights for your pool.

Caring for Swimming Pool Equipment in Perth: How to Maintain your Pool

Your swimming pool pump is a very important part of the filtration system of your swimming pool. It turns the water over a number of times during the filtration cycle. Ensure you keep the motor clean and empty the pump basket regularly. Using a quality lubricant around the Pump Basket ‘O’ ring will also help keep the lid from being bound up and too tight to remove easily. Never over tighten the pump lid, it should be tightened hand tight only and not forced. This will help ensure optimum performance and ease of service.

Of course, any trusted pool shop in Perth like POOLSHOPWA will have just about every piece of pool equipment you’ll need in case you need a replacement. Always remember to keep your pool in excellent condition and adaptive to any changes in season.

Your Swimming Pool Equipment Fundamentals