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Pool Pumps in Perth: The Technology Behind a Sparkling Clean Pool

It is but natural for any recreational swimming venue to have pool equipment in Perth that ensures clean and contaminant-free water. In fact, a critical part of any pool’s filtering system is the pool pump, without which the water would cloudy up in a matter of days. Dale Devries describes in his informative eHow.com article the process by which pool pumps maintain clear and sparkling water that you can safely swim in.


Pool Shops in Perth Bristle with New Pool Technology Like Heat Pumps

Many pool shops in Perth like POOLSHOPWA recommend heat pumps for their energy-efficiency, relying on the heat in the atmosphere to deliver results, instead of creating heat on their own. Heat pumps like the AstralPool BPA can provide between 8.5 and 25 kW of heating capacity.

In addition, at just under 60 decibels, AstralPool heat pumps are among the quietest units on the market. Your lively conversation will mask the noise created by the heat pump at work.